Frequently Asked a Questions

How do I make an appointment?
Please call 212- 453-0036 to speak to one of our patient care specialists. They will be happy to guide you through the process of becoming a new patient. We welcome all inquiries and are pleased that you are considering receiving treatment at New York Neurogenic Speech-Language Pathology, P.C.
What happens during my initial visit?
Your initial visit consists of an extensive, in-depth, sixty (60) minute evaluation. During this diagnostic session, the therapist will listen to your history, learn about your symptoms, and hear your concerns and expectations for therapy. S/he will ask you a variety of questions to better understand your condition. Based on this initial evaluation, the therapist will outline a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for your care.

Having a companion, spouse, parent or significant other with you during the initial visit is helpful, although not required. We allow ample time for everyone to ask questions, work through the proposed treatment plan and not feel rushed. We value each patient and give our undivided attention to his or her individual situation. It is important for patients (and their families) to be able to establish a significant relationship with their therapist as soon as possible.

To schedule an initial visit, please call 212-453-0036.
How often do I need to receive therapy?
There is no one answer to this question as no two patients are the same. It depends totally on your condition, your needs and insurance coverage. While some patients come once a week for an hour, others come twice a week for 30 minutes treatment sessions. We strive to make therapy as convenient impossible and have numerous patients who elected to have Internet-based services.

The scope and duration of your therapy will be decided in consultation with your therapist, during your initial visit
Does NYNeuroSLP accept insurance?
NYNeuroSLP works with many different insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare — but please let the patient care representative know when you call to inquire about becoming a patient, what kind of insurance you have. Since each insurance provider has its own requirements, we are happy to assist you in figuring out exactly what type of coverage you have and if your sessions qualify under your current plan.

It is the responsibility of the patient to call and confirm treatment benefits for speech-language pathology services with their insurance carrier as well as to obtain any necessary pre-authorizations, referrals or prescriptions. In the event your commercial insurance company is billed and payment is denied, the patient will be held accountable for the cost of all services rendered.

Some of the plans we currently work with include: 1199 (out of network), Aetna (out of network), Affinity, AmidaCare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CIGNA (out of network), Fidelis, ICS (Independence Care System), Medicare, Medicaid, No Fault, Oxford, United Healthcare, United Healthcare Community Plan.
What happens when my insurance runs out?
We are proud to offer a sliding fee scale. A patient care specialist will work with you to develop an individualized payment plan.
Do you have private pay rates?
Yes, please contact us to obtain a listing of our private pay rates. Private pay rates are on a sliding scale in order to make high quality care affordable for all.
What is your cancellation policy?
There is no charge for cancellations made 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment. Failure to cancel with less than 24 hours notice will result in a $40.00 cancellation/no show fee. This policy is strictly enforced and applies to all patients regardless of their insurance or payment method.

Do you offer on-site physical therapy and occupational services?

Yes, New York Neurogenic Speech-Language Pathology's sister company The Aspire Center for Health + Wellness in Brooklyn provides on-site individualized physical therapy therapy services. In many cases we can schedule both speech and physical therapy on the same day so patients can receive multiple services during one office visit at our Brooklyn location.
What languages are spoken?
Members are available to answer your questions in the following languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Finnish.
Why choose New York Neurogenic Speech-Language Pathology?
Did you know there is an estimated 1,460,583 speech and language disordered children living in the United States? Are you aware that between 6 - 8 million people in the United States have a language impairment? Moreover, is your loved one one of the approximately one million Americans living with aphasia caused by brain damage or stroke? Are you one of an estimated 3 million Americans who stutter? (Source: National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders NIDCD)

Over the past 10 years New York Neurogenic Speech-Language Pathology, owned and operated by Ms. Marissa A. Barrera has served over 1,600 children and adults with communication impairments. With are New York's largest private practice with offices located in Manhattan and the Upper West Side, Brooklyn as well as appointments available via the internet.

Marissa and her team of speech-language pathologists offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for monolingual and bilingual patients. Disorders such as articulation (speech), dysarthria, fluency (stuttering), chewing, swallowing (dysphagia), vocal nodules, auditory processing disorder, expressive (talking) and receptive (listening) language, memory/cognition and dyslexia are commonly treated.

Who is The ASPIRE CENTER spire Center for Health + Wellness?
The ASPIRE CENTER for Health + Wellness is a partnership between Aspire Physical Therapy and Fitness and New York Neurogenic Speech-Language Pathology, two of New York's premier outpatient neurorehabilitation organizations. The largest health and wellness center in New York City, the ASPIRE CENTER specializes in a whole-body approach to patient care, providing each patient with a variety of medical and wellness services to promote overall health + well-being click here.