Cognitive Disorders

Cognitive disorders are conditions that cause individuals to have difficulty thinking. Although symptoms can vary, typically changes in awareness, perception, reasoning, memory and judgment are observed.Cognition involves the mental processing of information. Memory and thoughts combine to store, retrieve and manipulate this information. When this process is not accurately executed, a cognitive disorder may result.

Cognitive dysfunction can be attributed to:

  • an acute injury (Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke, concussion),
  • a neurological disorder (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or;
  • apart of normal aging.

New York Neurogenic SLP, P.C. can help individuals improve cognitive skills such as context integration, vocabulary, semantic knowledge, memory, wording finding, sequencing, and processing speed necessary to fully participate in activities of daily living.Following an in-depth cognitive-linguistic evaluation, an individualized cognitive rehabilitation program in developed using both traditional and computerized methods.

Who is a candidate?

Interactive computerized programs such as Bugalow®, Parrot® and Lumosity® enhance patient training by providing instant feedback and keeping individuals engaged and motivated. Overall, research shows that cognitive training can help healthy adults improve cognitive skills such as processing speed, working memory, and word finding with results typically lasting 2-4 months beyond training (Willis et al., 2006; Smith et al., 2009). In addition, cognitive training has been proven to help adults in the early stages of cognitive impairment and dementia improve cognitive skills (Sitzer et al, 2006) necessary to participate in activities of daily living.

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