ATY, Manhattan, NY

“I have been working with Ms. Laine since my stroke January 6th 20010. I had not kept track of the time frame (18 months !!!) I was referred to Ms. Tatiaana Laine for speech therapy by Ms. Marissa A. Barrera. The referral initially [to NY Neurogenic SLP, P.C.] came through my cardiologist at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.
Ms. Laine has been working with my on correcting a speech slurring problem as result of my aforementioned stroke.I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity of working with Ms. Tatiaana Laine. Ms. Laine has been patient and courteous towards me (not an easy task) and has been very supportive of my efforts to move on with the different areas of my life.

I have had to make career changing choices to give myself a better chance towards recovery. Ms. Laine has been there working with me all along in the most positive manner. Ms. Laine has provided me with the impetus to improve certain areas of my life towards this end. I have made and will continue to make a concerted effort to correct any problems and overcome any obstacles that seem to stand in the path of my desired recovery. All this is possible because of Ms. Tatiaana Laine.