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  • My Girlfriend Went to a Speech Therapist to Cure Her Vocal Fry
    So I started dating someone, and it's not going terribly. She's beautiful, fun to drink with and likes eating steak and watching Tim and Eric. She doesn't get upset when I say she looks like a Senegal bush baby and behaves like Jabba the Hutt's tiny henchman Salacious Crumb. She's younger than I am, and I've taken to serenading her with Urge Overkill's "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon," which she hates so much but I guess tolerates because she hasn't dumped me. These are all good signs!...Read full news

  • Speech Therapy from NY Neurogenic Speech-Language Pathology - NearSay
    Do you remember how proud your parents were when you finally said your first word? For some it was mom, for others it was dad, and for some it was doggie, but no matter what your first word was, one thing is clear. It was an accomplishment that will never be forgotten. Your speech is part of your everyday life and language is a useful tool for communication, demonstration, and understanding, and without it, the world would be silent.. Read full news

  • Ace GED Test with NY Neurogenic Speech Language Pathology
    Tests can be daunting, and although you may have prepped on your own, the pressure of doing well still seeps into our brains causing us to sweat profusely, with our pencils shaking and a worried look about which lettered answer we should bubble in on the Scantron. While you may think you are ready, everything about your physical reaction may indicate that you are not, and if you're looking for a bit of extra help.. Read full news

  • Child Services at NY Neurogenic Speech-Language Pathology
    Communication skills are a development in infantry, even before the emergence of the first word. When a speech or language problems arise, this can have a significant effect on a child's academic skills, social skills and behavior. Just like any disorder, the earlier a speech and language problem is identified and treated, the more effective treatment can be.. Read full news

  • Celebrate Better Speech & Hearing Month by Considering Telehealth as an Addition to Your Practice
    Thanks to Marissa for sharing this innovative use of technology for therapy with us today! Marissa A. Barrera, MS, MPhil, MSCS, TSHH, CCC-SLP is the owner of New York Neurogenic Speech-Language Pathology, P.C., a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and Professor of Acquired Motor Speech & Swallowing Disorders. With private practices located in Midtown and on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.. Read full news

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