What happens during my initial visit?

Your initial visit consists of an extensive, in-depth, sixty (60) minute evaluation. During this diagnostic session, the therapist will listen to your history, learn about your symptoms, and hear your concerns and expectations for therapy. S/he will ask you a variety of questions to better understand your condition. Based on this initial evaluation, the therapist will outline a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for your care.

Having a companion, spouse, parent or significant other with you during the initial visit is helpful, although not required. We allow ample time for everyone to ask questions, work through the proposed treatment plan and not feel rushed. We value each patient and give our undivided attention to his or her individual situation. It is important for patients (and their families) to be able to establish a significant relationship with their therapist as soon as possible.

To schedule an initial visit, please call 212-453-0036.